Exercise of the week (4)

I just got back from an awesome 4 day backpacking trip on the Appalachian trail in Virginia. Due to having about 50 pounds of weight on my back for over 40 miles, my mid back and lower back is exhausted. Knee sways are saving my day! Knee sways is a combination of a stretch for the lower back, hip flexors, and abdominals. It also increases awareness in learning how to engage the pelvic floor and TVA to bring knees back to center.

Knee Sways

Lay on back with knees bent. Bring legs together, and engage the inner thigh. Keeping the knees together, on an inhale rotate the knees to one direction. Try to keep shoulder blades on the floor as one side of the pelvis rotates. Breathe (deep inhales and complete exhales). On your next exhale, engage pelvic floor and abdominals to bring legs back to the center. Inhale, rotate the knees to the other direction and repeat.

Enjoy! Lisa Marie and Eileen hiking on a beautfiul fall day.

Photo taken by: Nicole Mansfield


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