Exercise of the week (5)


The Teaser is a very challenging original pilates exercise that involves abdominal strength, core strength, balance and coordination. Teaser can be performed on the Reformer, Wundu chair, and mat.

To perform the Teaser on the  mat, try this exercise in layers…

Lay on back, with knees bent and feet on the ground. Bring knees and inner thigh together. On an inhale, bow your head and exhale curl your upper body off the mat till  you are balancing on your pelvis. Lift your sternum and keep the abdominals strong. Inhale and Exhale bring your legs up to table top. Without your upper body moving, inhale, and then exhale extend your legs long. Keep your abs strong, and laterally breathe.

Bend your knees, and set your feet on the ground. Inhale, and exhale articulate one vertebra at a time back on the ground.


(do not attempt if you have chronic or acute back pain.) (talk to your pilates instructor!)

lisa marie on reformer peforming Teaser


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