Exercise/Stretch of the week (9)


A great stretch for your spine, hamstrings, and upper back. Start by sitting on the floor with long legs. If you can not sit in an upright position, sit on a blanket or a foam block. You must be in a neutral spine posture before rotation of the spine. Cross your right leg over your left. Keep the long leg (left) straight and flexed. On your next inhale, rotate to the Right (bent leg). Keep your head in line with your sternum. If you can, hook your left elbow against your side leg. Press your leg against the upper arm and press hand together. Keep lifting the heart and see if you can rotate your sternum one more inch to the right. Breathe. Hold for about 10-60 seconds. On your next exhale slowly un rotate and repeat on opposite side. Enjoy!

 ( Do not attempt if you have pain in rotation! Talk to your doctor or  Pilates instructor if you feel pain in rotation.)


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