Dissecting the Hundreds

Dissecting the Hundreds

To truly understand and feel the hundreds. It is important to break the exercise apart and feel the strength coming from the tva and not just the rectus abdominals. Engage your pelvic floor on each exhale (do not clench but pull up with a funnel of strength)

1.) Lay on the floor on your back. Have a wall close by. On an exhale, engage your pelvic floor, draw your ribs in, relax your sternum, and then using your tva bring your right leg up to table top. Notice if the pelvis shifted. The goal is to be able to lift the leg with control and stability in the pelvis. Then on your next exhale, maintaining a neutral pelvis bring the left leg up. Extend your legs long (about a 45 degree angle) and press the bottom of your feet against the wall. Make sure you’re not engaging the butt muscles. Keep a neutral pelvis. If you can maintain a neutral pelvis and keep the tva engaged, see if you can take the legs away from the wall. If not, keep pressing against the wall. If you struggle with this…practice take a break when you need to. Don’t press back into flexion or arch into extension.

2.) Bring legs back to the floor. Keeping legs bent and feet on the floor. Take your hands behind your head. Press your skull into your hands. On an exhale bring your head off the floor. See if you can bring head up from the abdominals. Keep pelvis in neutral. Lift the shoulder blades off floor. Don’t round foward, keep shoulder blades on your back. Keeping abs in, bring one arm down towards side and extend the arm, bring the other arm down toward sides. Go into your pumps. 5 for an exhale and 5 for inhale. Gaze toward knees and keep chin in and back (imagine you’re holding onto a grapefruit) Don’t over flex the neck!!

3.) After you master 1 and 2 bring these movements together. Start with legs up first and then bring the upper body off the mat!
4.) ENJOY the tremble!


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